Post-advanced Level

CHIN-SHU 401 Classical Chinese for Advanced Mandarin Learners

Prerequisites: CHIN-SHU 302 | Credits: 4 | Meeting frequency: Twice a week | Offered fall semester only

This course is designed to give students an introduction to basic syntax, grammar, and vocabulary of Classical Chinese through close readings of authentic texts. Almost all these texts are historically significant canon texts that are extremely rich in classical Chinese cultural connotation. They are selected from a wide variety of genres, such as historical literature, philosophical and political writings, written correspondence, poetry, essay, some of which are unique to Chinese culture. The course aims to develop the students' reading and comprehension skills in this highly stylized form of written Chinese, acquaint students not only with the classic Chinese cultural heritage but also underlying working mechanism that is in many ways relevant to the form and usage of today’s Mandarin Chinese.

CHIN-SHU 402 Classical Chinese for Advanced Mandarin Learners II

Prerequisites: CHIN-SHU 401 | Credits: 4 | Meeting frequency: Twice a week | Offered spring semester only

This course continues the work begun in Classical Chinese I with the goal that students be able to read with reasonable facility original texts, included unpunctuated ones, from a wide variety of genres, including historical literature, philosophical and political writings, written correspondence, poetry, essays and official documents.

CHIN-SHU 403 Interpreting Modern China: Reading the Era of 1919-1949

Prerequisites: CHIN-SHU 302 | Credits: 4 | Meeting frequency: Twice a week | Offered fall semester only

Chinese language at fourth-year level. Designed to enhance Chinese proficiency through studying authentic materials rich in cultural connotations, focusing primarily on reading and writing. Objectives are: to develop language skills needed for semi-formal and formal presentation on academic topics; to further improve reading comprehension and develop skills needed to conduct textual analysis of passages with sophisticated syntax and semantic nuance; to develop responsiveness to and ability to interpret stylized usage; to advance strategies for autonomous learning of Chinese language from an analytical perspective. For the first part of this year-long sequence, reading materials will generally be selected from China's modern period (1919–1949).

CHIN-SHU 404 Readings in Contemporary Chinese Culture

Prerequisites: CHIN-SHU 302 | Credits: 4 | Meeting frequency: Twice a week | Offered spring semester only

Continuation of Chinese language at fourth-year level, with reading materials generally selected from contemporary sources.

CHIN-SHU 405 Reading Chinese Newspapers

Prerequisites: CHIN-SHU 302 | Credits: 4 | Meeting frequency: Twice a week | Offered every semester

This 4-credited course is a post-advanced Chinese language course, which meets twice a week, 90 minutes for each meeting and is designed for students who have completed Advanced Chinese II (CHIN-SHU-302, or EAST-UA-206) or the equivalent. This course, through intensive and extensive readings of authentic materials selected from major Chinese newspapers and periodicals in China and abroad and robust in and out-of-class exercises and assignments, intends to help students further enhance their language skills with special focus on reading and writing competence, further enrich their knowledge about China society and Chinese culture, and further improve their abilities in conducting in-depth analysis, discussion, debate, comparison, contrast and conclusion orally and in written mode in Chinese language. The articles will be selected from the latest issues in newspapers and periodicals with topics ranging from culture inheritance, social entertainment to economics, technology, new lifestyle, etc., which provide different perspectives for students to observe and study phenomena (including their origins and evolutions) in modern Chinese society and Chinese culture. The course also focuses on language learning, aiming at helping students accumulate more formal written-style vocabulary and getting acquaintance with the modes, structures and characteristics of Chinese formal news reports.

CHIN-SHU 408 Introduction to Chinese Phonetics

Prerequisites: CHIN-SHU 302 | Credits: 4 | Meeting frequency: Twice a week | Offered every semester

This is a 4-credit 400 level post-advanced Chinese course aiming to let students gain the vocabulary of the Chinese phonetic vocabulary and basic knowledge of standard Mandarin sound system. Through the learning and intensive practice of the Chinese syllables, tones, stresses, intonations and rhythms, this course also aims to improve the course participants’ Chinese pronunciation and speaking fluency. Students will write and sing Chinese songs and raps, recite and perform classical Chinese poems, give real speeches, and perform dramas and plays. Each participant will receive an initial pronunciation diagnosis and individual feedback on their pronunciation progress throughout the semester.

CHIN-SHU 410 Written Chinese Discourse

Prerequisites: CHIN-SHU 302 | Credits: 4 | Meeting frequency: Twice a week | Offered every semester

This is a 4-credit Chinese language course meeting twice a week, 75-minutes per session. It aims to further develop students’ writing competence in Chinese language. It proposes to improve students’ proficiency, accuracy and ease in written expression so that they can use Chinese language in more professional fields and real life situations in a variety of contexts and registers. They will read contemporary texts from various fields and refine their skills in narration, description, and argumentative writing. They will also develop their skills in practical writing, like emails, reports, film reviews and application letters. The course will adopt the process writing approach, therefore, students will hone their writing skills through writing exercises in and out of class. The majority of the high-stakes assessments will be typewritten. The course also includes a number of handwritten tasks that students complete to reinforce their knowledge of production of characters. Although this course is targeted at improving students’ writing competence, it will also enhance their integrated language skills through various classroom tasks, discussions, and learning activities.

CHIN-SHU 430 Discovering Contemporary China Through Documentary Films

Prerequisites: CHIN-SHU 302 | Credits: 4 | Meeting frequency: Twice a week | Offered every semester

This course is a 4-credit post-advanced course open to students who have completed Advanced Chinese II or the equivalent. This course is designed to increase oral and written proficiency, with a focus on relevant vocabulary and grammatical structures used to discuss contemporary issues, through the exploration of documentary film. Through in-class discussions and debates, film transcriptions, as well as external field trips and community-engaged projects, the course will enhance students’ understanding about the latest and most pressing social issues in contemporary China through a series of insightful and in-depth Chinese documentaries as case studies, as well as meaningful interactions in the target language. The course intends to provide a multi-dimensional learning experience where students use language in context to understand and explore contemporary issues. This is a one-semester long course, which will meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays (75 minutes each session).

CHIN-SHU 460A Teaching Chinese Language Through Children's Storybooks

Prerequisites: CHIN-SHU 302 | Credits: 2 | Meeting frequency: Once a week | Offered Fall semester only

This is the first part of a two-semester, 4-credit Dean's Service Scholar course that runs for 14 weeks.The course integrates Chinese language learning and teaching with community exploration and service, to introduce students to Chinese language pedagogy and its application in a children’s setting, as well as the differences in approach for a university setting. This course will be conducted in an immersive target language environment. The students will have the opportunity to work closely with a local public kindergarten on a curriculum development project on Reading to Children. Students will observe classes, analyze sample teaching videos, prepare teaching plans, conduct mock teaching, conduct field teaching and reflect on their first-hand service learning experiences in Chinese language. As a final project, students will combine the teaching skills they have learned with relevant research in order to create either 1) a teaching manual for incorporation of children’s literature into listening comprehension exercises or 2) an original children’s book that incorporates targeted pedagogical techniques for Chinese language learning. In the course of pursuing teaching perfection, students will improve their interpersonal skills and communication skills in the target language as well.

CHIN-SHU 500 Chinese Topic Course: Contemporary Chinese Art and Fashion

Prerequisites: CHIN-SHU 302 | Credits: 4 | Meeting frequency: Twice a week | Offered every semester

This course is designed for post-advanced level students who are interested in learning about Chinese contemporary art, fashion, and culture while advancing their reading, writing, and conversational skills in mandarin Chinese. Students will be introduced to major works of Chinese artists and fashion designers. Course materials are particularly selected to build and reinforce students’ vocabulary, grammar, as well as composition and conversation skills on a variety of topics pertaining to Chinese modernism and postmodernism through conventional and new media. This course is conducted entirely in Chinese. Prerequisite: Advanced Chinese 2 or equivalent.