About Us

Languages at NYU Shanghai

At NYU Shanghai, one of our defining characteristics is the variety of languages, backgrounds, and cultures represented by our faculty and students, which contribute in large part to our institution’s global identity. Language learning lies at the heart of our curriculum, and our International students work to build proficiency in Chinese language as part of the core curriculum requirement. For students coming from China, the university’s English for Academic Purposes Program focuses on academic acculturation for high-level English speakers in order to ensure student success in a liberal arts setting. Students can also study French, Japanese, or Spanish as part of their linguistic journeys, whether out of personal interest or in the interest of studying away at one of NYU’s 15 global sites.

World Languages

World Languages brings together a diverse group of faculty with expertise in language pedagogy from a broad spectrum of backgrounds and approaches, making it a truly unique program that, like the Sino-American university itself, represents the diversity of its people and place. This hybrid model creates a holistic approach to the four skills of language learning: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Our dynamic faculty lead classes focused on communication, providing students with the confidence and skills to step into an immersive setting for each target language. Through interactive, hands-on tasks, role play and performance, inductive and deductive grammar instruction, oral and written assessments, translation, dictation, and more, students learn to see the world from a different point of view while mastering the vocabulary and grammatical structures necessary to represent the new perspectives that language learning provides them.

We hope that students continue their linguistic journey outside of the classroom walls by engaging in multilingual exchanges both on an off campus. Students are encouraged to take advantage of the wide range of events offered, including academic lectures, conferences, and symposia; cultural excursions; workshops; speech contests; storytelling events; and more. Students can join faculty and staff at our monthly conversation nights to practice any of our languages of instruction with speakers of all levels. Or, at any time, day or night, we encourage the NYU Shanghai community to pop into the World Languages Lounge on the 2nd floor of the Pudong Campus (Room 200), a space for language exchanges, practice, and play.

NYU Shanghai encourages its students to “make the world your major,” and we believe that language is central to that goal. Our language curricula prepare students to work across linguistic boundaries, disciplines, and cultures in order to become problem solvers and leaders in our closely connected world.