With our campus situated in the heart of the Pudong New District of Shanghai, our Chinese Program has a distinct advantage of place, allowing us to easily expand our classroom walls to the city and beyond. By simply walking outside our front doors, students are linguistically and culturally immersed in a bustling, international city that brings together cultures from all over the world, and from every corner of China. As such, our Chinese Language Faculty lead class field trips and extra-curricular excursions throughout the city of Shanghai, as well as community-engaged learning trips to further locations, such as a nearby escape-to-nature in Moganshan, the mountainous Anhui Province, the capital city Beijing, and more. These excursions are specifically designed to give Chinese speakers from a variety of proficiency levels targeted language practice and cultural discovery in specific social and historical contexts unique to each place.

Inside the classroom, our dynamic language faculty prepare students to navigate the city and their surroundings by providing them with both the tools and the confidence to conduct their daily lives in Chinese. While Elementary courses focus on gaining the foundations for Chinese expression and providing “survival Chinese” for life in Shanghai, the Intermediate sequence builds upon those foundations by expanding vocabulary, exploring a variety of more complex grammatical structures, and deepening student understanding of Chinese culture. Should students choose to continue their study of Chinese beyond the intermediate level, our Advanced and Post-Advanced courses offer a range of opportunities to delve deeper into Chinese language and culture through films, texts, media, and community engagement.